Combining the seemingly disparate ‘graphic’ and ‘organic’, inspiration is drawn from the landscape of Laura’s home county of Pembrokeshire: its dramatic coastlines, hills and forests; and similarly, the world of visual communications: its slick, ordered and controlled aesthetics.

Subtle and intelligent use of colour is also a continuing theme: painterly gradations of hues and shades, or sharp stripes and blocks of bold colours with selective contrasting highlights. The emotional impact and suggestive power of colour to invoke moods and memories is exploited to compliment the inherent inviting tactile qualities of cloth.

With a respectful nod to a great and highly diverse number of artists and designers such as Rothko, Sol Lewitt, Agnes Martin, Richard Long, Josef and Annie Albers, John Maeda, Tomato, Nuno Corporation and Dan Flavin, Laura is forging her own path within contemporary textiles.

  Studio Wall
Studio Wall
Photo: Laura Thomas
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